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Implementation of an EC-funded pilot project aiming to offer scholarships to students from the ENPcountries and Russia to study European Integration Masters Courses in EU higher education institutions

Following an amendment to the European Union budget by the European Parliament, 2 mio € have been made available to launch a pilot project aiming to offer scholarships to students from the countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and Russia to study European Integration Masters Courses in EU higher education institutions in the academic year 2008-2009.

In implementing this pilot project the Commission intends to finance approximately 150 scholarships for students who will be selected to attend a Masters Course in European Integration. The scholarships will cover registration fees, travels and subsistence costs.

A call for proposals has recently been launched inviting European Higher Education Institutions to propose selected graduate students from ENP countries and Russia by beginning of June. The project is managed by DG EAC which will be assisted by external academic experts in the assessment of the applications.

The modalities to implement this pilot project are the following:

(1) EU higher education institutions that intend to participate in the call shall provide information on their Master in European Integration by filling in an online questionnaire. This information will allow for the creation of a database that will be a useful search tool for European Integration studies. The database will also serve as a tool for the subsequent selection process of the pilot project.

(2) EU higher education institutions having received applications from ENP students will select the best ones, rank them according to their quality and submit before 06 June 2008 to the European Commission a list of proposed grantees.

(3) Among those registered in the abovementioned database, the EC will select the Masters courses proposed by the EU higher education institutions that meet the requirements set up in the selection criteria included in the call provisions. In the selection of proposed students for a scholarship, the EC will endeavour to ensure a geographical balance.

The online questionnaire, which will be used to create the database, and the call for proposal can be found at the following addresses:

Database: http://ec.europa.eu/education/integration/index_en.html

Call for proposals: http://ec.europa.eu/education/programmes/calls/1508/index_en.html

To support the in situ spreading activities, a functional mail-box (EAC-EIS@ec.europa.eu) will be dedicated to respond to questions on this call for proposals.

Possible candidates that graduate students (from ENP countries and Russia) applying for scholarships have to present applications through the higher education institutions.

For any supplementary information, please contact Pedro Martinez Macias (pedro.martinez-macias@ec.europa.eu ). Unit P2 - Lifelong Learning: Erasmus, Jean Monnet Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency Av. du Bourget 1, 1140 Brussels, Belgium


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